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Precigen, Inc (formerly Intrexon Corporation, NASDAQ: PGEN) is an American biotechnology company. Its president and CEO is Helen Sabzevari. Intrexon was founded in 1998, and is headquartered in Germantown, Maryland. With a suite of proprietary and complementary technologies, Intrexon applies engineering to biological systems to enable DNA-based control over the function and output of living cells.

Newsfile Corp. mentioned how Rosen, Global Investor Counsel, Announces Investigation of Securities Claims Against Precigen, Inc. f/k/a Intrexon Corporation - PGEN, XON, "Rosen Law Firm, a global investor rights law firm, announces an investigation of potential securities claims on behalf of shareholders of Precigen, Inc. f/k/a Intrexon Corporation NASDAQ: PGEN NASDAQ: XON resulting from allegations that the Company may have issued materially misleading business information to the investing public.

On September 25, 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced a cease-and-desist order against the Company which involved "inaccurate reports concerning the company's purported success converting relatively inexpensive natural gas into more expensive industrial chemicals using a proprietary methane bioconversion ('MBC') program." The cease-and-desist order noted that "Intrexon was primarily using significantly more expensive pure methane for the relevant laboratory experiments but was indicating that the results had been achieved using natural gas."

Further, the cease-and-desist order stated that "Intrexon pitched the MBC program privately to numerous potential business partners over the course of 2017 and 2018."


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Former Employee - Research Associate says

"Unorganized Management, Not focused, Spitball mentality"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They tend to hire junior people without experience and don't provide proper training as mangers are super busy on planning, meeting, and dealing with executives etc. Free-style experiment and nobody reviews their data seriously. It is like manufacture without quality control. These junior staff use it as step stone and jump ship quickly. Very high turn-over rate and seems higher management don't care at all. Goals like a joke, could be changed next month."

Former Employee - Science says

"It seems that some 20-30% of the company was let go, just 2 weeks after an all hands meeting telling us to not worry about layoffs and that a budget was finalized. 2 weeks to tell managers that cuts needed to be made is reasonable as this gives time to prepare. Instead, try simultaneous meetings where managers were informed about the layoffs while the 30 employees were getting their 15 minutes notice. These 30 people across the first and second floors had to then quickly pack their desk and exchange heartfelt goodbyes under the careful gaze of 3 private security guards hired for the day's event. After these employees left, management LITERALLY told everyone to go back to their desks. I have never seen such disrespect, or so many employees in tears. Both current and recently fired people were crying due to the sudden nature that their friends for years were cut out of their lives. Contractors who were supposed to be converted to FTE after 3 months have been strung along for over 6, and then given a week's notice to leave."

Current Employee - Science says

"So today the company let go 30% of its workers. They were called in to a meeting at 10:30am that was sent out just 40 minutes prior, and were told that it was their last day. A box and severance package was given to them. 10-15 minutes was allowed for these employees to gather their belongings and leave. All fired employees left or were escorted out by security by 11:15am. These employees were let go for downsizing or something. The amount of disrespect shown by forcing them to quickly pack their desk and leave in front of everyone with just minutes to spare prevents me from ever recommending anyone to work at Intrexon / Precigen / MBP Titan /whatever. This is a company that truly does not care about its employees. Managers were not given a heads up before the lay off, and lay offs occurred at every level of the company ranging from contractors to senior directors. No transition period/time was afforded to allow those who were let go to leave notes/show where things are. Did I mention that upper management said that they believed that they showed the upmost respect to those who were let go in a meeting following the layoffs?"

Former Employee - Mid-Level Manager SSF says

"IPD struggles to retain employees with seniority and institutional knowledge. When HR finds new senior management, these people are not a good fit and are often desperate for a job. During their tenure they are overburdened with responsibilities, which causes them to jump ship shortly after. These same people are unable to provide growth and training for Jr employees, who are lured out by the wealth of nearby companies."

Former Employee - Research Associate says

"Minimal support, communication, and transparency from senior management. Employees generally unaware of status of projects or priorities of such and don't feel safe asking questions. About twice a year there's a random "re-org" effort to boost productivity, but mostly this is confusing for people and has the opposite effect. No interest in engaging with wider scientific community, there will be no publishing work you do here or presenting posters/orals at conferences. Onboarding is chaos, there's no organized training material and it's extremely difficult to familiarize yourself with the company's shared network drives. Things are not in intuitive locations, and there's a lot of reinventing the wheel because turnover is so high and records of previous work are basically inaccessible. Terrible compensation, HR is not local to the bay area and has no concept of what competitive salaries are in this area. They have the money, they just don't value their people."

Current Employee - Research Associate says

"Where exactly is this company headed? No one in IPD seems to know, not even the managers or directors. Over the past year, nearly all the directors/senior managers have left or been replaced. No, I'm not joking, it's not funny. Directors of Fermentation, MBO, Analytics, Screening Operations, Pilot Plant... all left for other startups, and that's only the ones I know of. Instead of investing in current employees, incentivizing them to stay with raises and bonuses, management just lets them leave and hires new and confused people that have to learn the processes and SOPs from scratch. HR communication is extremely lacking. Intrexon headquarters is in Maryland and we never seem to get good information here in South SF."

Former Employee - Individual Contributor says

"Bad middle and upper management. Nonexistent policies, support, team mentality. Toxic, divided workplace."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management micro-manages and regularly changes direction starting with the VP and sliding down. the VP appears to find fault with departments who successfully scramble to meet changing management direction and cover managements shortcomings by blaming the scientists."

Former Employee - Research Associate says

"Under qualified managers and research associates in positions that require a lot of responsibility. The fermentation group in particular is a joke."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Company committed to making a difference in this world through synthetic biology. They have all the right tools to make that impact. Sad to see time and time again hiring the wrong people, choosing the wrong path, and making missing milestones fashionable, again. The ship is sinking. Management walks around like chicken with its head cut off for a reason. The level of incompetence displayed in this showcase is of a grandiose proportion. Until they replace the core middle management - and change the course of this company. You're on a road to nowhere.LocationEpic Mismanagement"

Laboratory Associate (Former Employee) says

"My time at Intrexon was the most unpleasant, stressful time of my life. I was frequently berated in front of colleagues by my manager, spoken down to, and verbally abused. The goal post for my responsibilities was frequently moved. I was often promised promotion or raises that never materialized. It was an overall discouraging experience I'd rather not repeat."

Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"Intrexon have amazing scientist but the problem is the management and the constant changes that occur there. There is no review of performance for the employees."

Manager, Legal Initiatives (Former Employee) says

"Job security is unheard of, management lacks a feedback loop, benefits are lacking compared to industry standards, culture is non-existent. The employees make the place."

worker (Former Employee) says

"Significant turnover, particularly with very high qualified people. Stock incentives are basically a pie in the sky as stock price performance has been dismal."

Scientist, Project Leader (Current Employee) says

"People over there is nice, but no real scientific leader Really worse managing way. Director just want to get data, but cannot provide good scientific version"

Immunology Scientist (Current Employee) says

"a place you go when there is no better choice. Pay is not bad, but it is not good either. Job security is a big issue here because it is basically a CRO."

Accounting (Current Employee) says

"Management likes to look over you shoulder and micromanage. They will not allow employees to work at an independent level. You are constantly looked over at every aspect of the job.NoneEverything"

Research Associate III (Former Employee) says

"When I first joined, I rapidly expanded my skill set and was able to learn a plethora of new techniques and skills. The overall team at the site was great and very supportive. The executive team left a lot to be desired, was not very communicative, and seemingly oblivious to the realities of the company's industry performance."

Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"No formal HR or higher-ups on-site and no communication between them and on-site supervisors therefore worse communication between supervisors and their teams. Teams and employees acted well together even though there was little to no work overlap. Informal and small work environment was nice. Just needed a lot more structure for this site to function."

Research Associate II (Former Employee) says

"They probably will not be hiring any new people for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for a job at the San Diego site I would probably look elsewhere."

M&A/Operations Analyst, Office of the COO (Current Employee) says

"Intrexon is completing some very groundbreaking work in the biotechnology field, however the high turnover, lackluster work environment for young people, medicore benefits, and lack of job security make it an overall average job experienceLow pay, lack of job security" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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